about Catherine

Once there was an idea... more than 30 years ago, Ingeborg Frimmel created the company Catherine from one of the first nail design studios in a small town in northern Hesse in Germany. The qualified cosmetician and creative visionary has a vast knowledge of the industry and with commitment and a fine sense for customers' needs, she managed it, to let the dream of „beautiful nails forever“ and her company quickly grow.

Know-how and premium quality, these are the key characteristics of Catherine Nail Collection. In close collobaration with high experienced chemists, we develop innovative products, exclusively produced and filled in Germany. Therefore, they meet the high demands of European cosmetics products and environment directives. We are proud to provide our studios and customers with the best quality made in Germany, because you are worth it.

Courage, a sharp instinct for upcoming trends and of course our passionate and creative employees have been essential to the present success. We create pioneering products, that change the world of hand and nail cosmetics and are exported to over 25 countries worldwide.

Since 2009 name giver Catherine Frimmel is supporting her mother's work as managing partner.
Together they do, what nobody else can do.

Catherine Nail Collection GmbH

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